SEO Best Practices

Every business wants to rank well on Google. More than that, every growing business needs to rank well on Google. If your business is not achieving this goal, then that’s likely because it is not properly implementing search engine optimization best practices.

These practices can be defined as a series of proven, ethical actions and strategies that a business takes in order to effectively build its web presence and improve its search engine rankings. Unfortunately, these strategies, which are always changing, are nearly impossible to implement all on your own or in-house.

That’s where we come in. Here at C0MPLÉX1, we have been carefully studying Google and its methods for nearly two decades. With an experienced staff that brings 88 years of combined internet marketing experience to the table, we are more than equipped to help your business implement great SEO best practices and soar to the top of search engine results.

Use Keywords Effectively

Long gone are the days when SEO best practices meant stuffing a bunch of keywords into on-site content. These days, Google is smarter, and consumers are too!

Yes, you still need to carefully choose and utilize target keywords, but using them effectively involves more than just using them.

At C0MPLÉX1, we focus on proven, current keyword strategies, such as:

  • Correctly including keywords in your URLs
  • Using keywords at ideal places within your content, including within meta data, alt text, and more
  • Implementing both volume-oriented and difficulty-oriented keywords
  • Targeting Call to actions correctly with keywords depending on buying cycle

Make the Most of Meta Data

“Meta data” is a term that organizations hear a lot from agencies, but may be confused about. To put it simply, it’s data that describes other data.

In the case of online marketing, this includes features such as your title tag, meta description, and more. When these features are not created with a thorough understanding of proper SEO strategy in mind, they fail, which means your content is likely to fail as well. Not just ranking but click thru rate and conversion.

C0MPLÉX1 knows how to craft meta data that is of the correct length, that includes keywords appropriately, and that attracts the attention of both potential clients or consumers and of Google itself.

Create Compelling Content

While the best practices for SEO are, at some level, very technical, they’re also simplistic in some regards. For example, no matter how many proven SEO techniques you implement, if you don’t have good, compelling content to back them up, you’re not likely to achieve the results you desire.

Content needs to be created with search intent in mind. It must be perfectly related to the searches users perform to reach it, and it should deliver exactly what users expect. Furthermore, most organizations will need to use a mix of different types of content, such as short-form and long-form content, to achieve success.

We are backed by a skilled team of professional writers who know how to create high quality content across many languages. With their work plus the knowledge of SEO experts, our content not only impresses, but it also drives results.

SEO is High Tech Work | TF-IDF

Get Technical

As mentioned above, not all SEO best practices are 100% technical in nature, but that doesn’t mean you can or should ignore the technical elements.

In fact, for good SEO to exist, both technical and non-technical features have to work together. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The technical side of things is quite complex and involves factors such as:

Understanding how your site is crawled and indexed
Providing a secure connection
Offering fast loading times
Implementing fast loading responsive/mobile design

If this sounds like foreign jargon to you or if you have no idea how to achieve these goals, let us help. We can take care of all of the technical aspects of SEO while you focus on running your business effectively from the inside.

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The bottom line is that SEO is complex, and effective SEO is even more complex. Don’t take a risk with your business and its success. Instead, allow us to put our knowledge to work for you. To learn more about the many ways in which we can assist and empower your organization, contact us today.