SEO for Auto Dealers

In today’s world, just about every business can benefit from implementing proven SEO strategies. However, this is particularly important for auto dealerships.

Why is SEO for auto dealers so important? Well, for one thing, people almost never buy a vehicle or even decide which type of vehicle they’re going to buy without turning to Google. And, if you can get your dealership to show up early on in the shopping process, you have a huge advantage over the competition!

Luckily, here at C0MPLÉX1, our expert knowledge of SEO can help make your website more discoverable, informative, and trustworthy so Google ranks your automotive dealership at the top of search results.

Go Beyond Your Website

In order to be a truly successful auto dealer, SEO strategies need to extend beyond just your website. You should be making use of any and all available channels to market your dealership and the vehicles you sell. After all, the more places you’re present, the more leads you're likely to get.

We can help you to optimize your website, but also your social media, emails, Google My Business profile, and more for maximum success.

Manage Reviews

When people decide where to buy a vehicle, they almost always compare reviews of different dealerships. And, while we can’t control every single review your business gets, we can help you to take as much control as possible.

We can assist with many aspects of your online presence, including reputation management, showing you how to respond to both positive and negative reviews, and teaching you how to build trust with clients through your various review pages.

Focus on Local SEO

Finally, remember that much of SEO for car dealerships should be local SEO. After all, you don’t need clients from all over the country. You want and need clients right in your own neighborhood!

That’s why coming in at or near the top of the local search results whenever a relevant search is performed is so important. Allow us to show you how to target the right, local customers to make more sales and increase profits.

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