SEO For Bitcoin Companies and Projects

Bitcoin is a quickly growing online currency, also known as “cryptocurrency.” Many people, including the founder of C0MPLÉX1 Marketing, believe that it is truly a currency of the future and are thus already taking steps to deal in it. This means that if you are a company that utilizes and accepts bitcoin or perhaps that would even like to pay for all or part of your search engine optimization (SEO) needs via bitcoin, C0MPLÉX1 can help you.

Understanding Bitcoin

If you are new to Bitcoin and/or do not know how it works, then all of this may seem rather confusing to you. To put it in simple terms, however, Bitcoin is basically a network that allows for a new payment system made up of digital money known as bitcoin. Bitcoin is perhaps the very first peer to peer payment network functioning at scale and, among those who accept it, is as good as cash/fiat (or better).

Many people, including, as mentioned, the founder of C0MPLÉX1, strongly believe that Bitcoin will become even more prominent and useful in the future, which is why they are jumping onboard and taking on clients who choose to pay via bitcoin and/or to promote and use Bitcoin.


How C0MPLÉX1 Can Help Bitcoin Companies

If you are in need of specially designed SEO for a Bitcoin company or project, you need look no further than C0MPLÉX1. Here, we specialize in offering all of the components of good SEO to our Bitcoin clients, and we treat them no differently than our traditionally funded clients. We believe in Bitcoin that strongly.

Some of the things that we can offer to our Bitcoin clients include:

  • SEO analysis
  • A custom built SEO campaign package
  • Payment via Bitcoin
  • Building authority
  • Citations
  • Google Map listings
  • Social signals

All of these things- and this is really just a sampling of what we can offer- are designed to help your business to flourish right alongside the Bitcoin that you (and we!) believe in.

If you are interested in using bitcoin for your SEO needs, we can help! While other companies are still stuck in the technological stone age, we pride ourselves by being on top of things, which is why we can offer Bitcoin SEO services. To learn about your options and to get started on the road to optimizing your site, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

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