Service Policies

C0MPLÉX1 is glad to have you as a client and our team is focused on helping you grow your business.  In order to be transparent we have created a list of things to keep in mind that will help the process proceed smoothly.

  • If you have any urgent matters please call into the office directly at 919-926-8733. Eg. budget changes, pausing Google Ads.
  • In order to be most efficient with your billable time and to allocate time to services, we may resolve an issue before responding to your eMail(s) which may take time (a day / multiple business days of work).
  • C0MPLÉX1 may not reply to every email if there is more than one per day. We usually batch responses to minimize your billable time. Also, eMails that we receive on a Friday may not be replied to till the following business work day.
  • The 1st week of the month is primarily focused on client reporting. Normal eMail Communication may be delayed. As always, if you have an urgent matter it is best to call directly into the office.
  •  We employ human beings. At times, team members need days off for personal matters. On these occasions communication on non-urgent issues will be delayed.