Web Design and Development for Health Care Providers

Remember a time when everything was done on paper, long before websites existed? While paper charts are still used by some health care providers, patient data is largely input and stored in a digital format.

Rather than walking around with a pen and clipboard, nurses and doctors are visiting patients and taking vitals and notes on iPads or other tablets.

The point is: everything is going online. This is why it is so important that health care providers pay close attention to the web design and development of their websites.

Today’s patient/consumer is more savvy than ever before. Patients turn to the Internet from various mobile devices and computers in order to research symptoms, find a doctor or health care provider near them and read others’ reviews on their health care experiences with certain providers.

Having a website that is user-friendly and attractive may make the difference between acquiring or even losing a patient.

Experts in Web Design & Development for the Health Care Industry

The team at C0MPLÉX1 is comprised of experts in web design and web development. We have the tools, experience and creative acumen to bridge the gap between graphic design, search engine optimization and functionality for a user experience that will supersede your competition.

More than this – we have proven success and experience working within the health care industry. We know what attracts patients to your website as well as what turns them away.

Examples of some of the key features that patients look for include (but are not limited to):

  • Insurance Information
  • Patient Intake Forms
  • Directions/Location/Practice Information
  • Find a Doctor
  • Responsive for Mobile Devices & AMP
  • Easy to Navigate

Each of the features listed above may sound easy enough, but it requires expert web design and web development skills to execute successfully.

Make Your Website Stand Out From the Rest

At C0MPLÉX1, we work with you 1:1 to build a website that will help you attract and acquire new patients while also retaining your previous patients.

A beautifully designed website that is professionally laid out and contains unique functions can do wonders for you as a health care provider.

Help your patients schedule appointments with a new doctor, find a practice location, make a direct phone call to a provider and more.

Create one-of-a-kind features to help you stand apart from your competitors. Start today. C0MPLÉX1 can help.

Contact C0MPLÉX1 for more information on web design and web development, geared specifically towards health care providers.We also offer online reputation management as part of our web services to health care providers!