5 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Business Success

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What role does search engine optimization (SEO) play in the grand scheme of online business success? Does it even matter anymore?

The answer is: Yes, more than ever.

Does SEO matter?

5 Reasons Why SEO Matters to the Success of Your Business


Compared to other forms of traditional print media, online marketing, specifically search engine optimization, is cost-effective. It is also highly relevant as more people are using the Internet to search for items, information, business and various other services. The cost also yields a better return for investors and businesses as they can more specifically target, measure and track exactly where money is being spent and what is working versus what isn’t working.

Being able to track and pinpoint exactly how and where conversions come from can help to plan a better budget to help keep overhead down. Additionally, let’s not forget about the fact that while brick and mortar businesses still do exist, there are even more businesses that are saving overhead costs by simply setting up shop online.


Social media seems to be the wave of the future as recent research indicates a higher drive towards social media ad spend. Facebook alone has more than 1 billion users who are logged in at any given time. Optimizing content, creating appealing ads and integrating social sharing is all a part of putting together a comprehensive, social media plan.


Google+ is the perfect example of what it means to have credibility on the Web. Taking the above point a step further, social integration and SEO go hand in hand. Optimizing content for the web and integrating that optimized content in the form of a blog post, for example, that has your business name and face attached can add tremendous value to your brand. On the Internet, your business (and those who work for your business) have the opportunity to leverage brand awareness and drive customers to your website. By integrating SEO into your online content strategy, you can help establish (or reinforce) credibility and help your business stand out as the go-to resource for those in your industry.


All of your competitors are on the Web. All of them have some sort of search engine optimization strategy in place. All of them are using SEO and keeping a finger on the pulse of the various algorithms and studies that come out each day. If you don’t believe it, you’re missing the boat.


At its core, even the most basic SEO-employed techniques merit some sort of recognition for the value they can add to an existing website. Whether this involves the correct use of Meta Tags and Titles or the implementation of a keyword strategy, creating content that is relevant without overdoing it, matters, and search engines are still taking notice.

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