Manually Tagging Links for Google Analytics

Manually Tagging your links in other search engines (besides AdWords) and other marketing campaigns such as Banner Ad’s, Text Link Ad’s, and Video ad’s is a MUST!

Unfortunately Google Analytics doesn’t always pick up the right Campaign source, medium and keyword that generated the hit to your site. The best tool to create URL’s that will be easy to track in Google Analytics is the Google URL Builder. This tool makes Manually tagging URL’s very easy for tracking. Enter the Destination URL, The Source (Like Yahoo, MSN, etc.), The Medium (Like PPC, Banner Ad, Text Ad, Email), and Campaign Name (Like Product #, Model #, SKU, etc.) and Click “Generate URL”. And You’re Done! Just Copy the URL that is generated and paste into the Destination URL field at Yahoo PPC, or MSN PPC, or what ever provider for advertising you are using.

This is very simple, Very effective for making sure all your tracking is showing up properly in your Google Analytics reports!

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